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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Turning Negative Self-talk to Positive Self-talk

Last week, I listened to Lee Milteer, author of Millionaire Mindset program, speak at the convention. I even got to meet and talk to her before she spoke. What a fantastic speaker! I am a personal development junkie and she's right there at the top of my favorites.

Lee gave a grim statistic that 80% of our self-talk is negative. That's 80% of our lives, we're beating ourselves up with self-blame, guilt, regrets, and worries. It's amazing that with this much negativity we can function on a daily basis.

Well, I am a very positive upbeat person so I thought I give you some tips today to help keep you in that positive mindset. It's definitely a daily fight that is well worth winning.

Turning Negative Self-talk to Positive Self-talk
  1. Exercise - Nothing makes you spiral downwards quicker than not enough exercise. I find simple things like walking my dogs in the morning transforms my mood instantly to the positive. It's a know fact that exercise release endorphins in the brain that create a sense of well-being. After a good karate workout, everyone's spirits run high.
  2. Nutrition - When our blood sugar sinks, our mood follows. Eating 5 -6 small meals throughout the day helps keep our blood sugar in check and wards off the blues.
  3. Water - The US military did research on civilians and found that 80% of the US population suffers from dehydration and all the symptoms - fatigue, weakness, headaches, etc. Why suffer? Just drink more water.
  4. Celebrate - Dwell on your successes and forget the failures. Our failures happen so we can learn - learn the lesson and move on. Create a positive mood by dwelling on your successes. I keep a victory journal and write down all my personal successes. Or... just sit quietly and re-live all your successes in your mind.
  5. Self monitor - 5 to 6 times per day ask yourself "What am I think about?" "Am I thinking negative thoughts?" If you're thinking negatively, use any strategy to change it to the positive. Self-awareness is half the battle.
  6. Peer Group - Watch out for energy vampire - you know those people that constantly barrage you with negativity. Avoid them at all cost. If you are exposed to these people, remember that feelings are contagious and let the feeling flow through you but don't take the feeling on yourself. Find a peer group of like-minded, positive, and energetic people to hang out with. Remember what Jack Canfield says, "You will become the average of the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with."
  7. Challenge - If negative self-talk happens, challenge it. Play the devil's advocate to your negative self-talk. Give yourself a sound argument for thinking positive instead of just letting the negative become your default.
Thanks Lee Milteer for such a terrific and motivating speech!

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