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Friday, October 31, 2008

What is this Tabata Training System all about anyway?

Tabata Training System is an interval training workout that using 20 second workout intervals followed by 10 second rests for 8 sets.

This Tabata system is an interval routine developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata for the Japanese speed-skating team. His research proved that this method was superior in improving aerobic (cardio conditioning) and anaerobic (sprinting) capacity then running for a whole hour.

Pretty amazing! Yes, he found
that 4 minutes of working out was more effective than 1 hour. What!? I also saw claims that it’s effective for weight loss.

This is hard for me to believe so I decided to put it to the test! For the last three months, I have worked out on the Wii Fit but I have hit a plateau so the Tabata is perfect to reignite my training.

You can use the workout for almost any exercise. I decide to test it on as many exercises as I can. Today, I started Thrusters and Bench Press. Wow! What a pump I feel!

I want to test it on pushups, sit-ups, Burpees, box jumps, heavy bag, wind sprints, rows, and other basic body weight exercises. I am going to use the fitness test on the Wii Fit.

What other tests should I do to measure my results?

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Charlotte said...

I cannot even describe how much I love Tabata intervals. I'm one of those weird people that would rather endure 4 minutes of gut-wrenching intervals than do 2 hours of low-n-slow. Your experiment sounds fun!!

Dr. J said...

Stay away from the Reese's if you are so strong!

OK, just kidding :-)

Hope you had a fun day!

HIIT is a good idea, coupled with a base of cardio in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

This is really interesting. I have never heard of the Tabata method of training, but my husband and I have done research on interval training and it definitely provides the most bang for your buck.

Way to keep pushing yourself!!