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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Attack Your Problems with a Vengence

This weekend, I watched Dave Ramsey give a seminar to students at University of Tennessee. He gives powerful, evangelic talks on killing your debts. ~ He's worth watching just too hear his powerful speaking ~

To the students, he preached to attack their debts. Start from the smallest credit card debt and attack it until it’s gone. Then attack the next one and the next until your debt free. He jokes to sell so much stuff that your children start wondering if they’re next and to name your dog, e-bay. Great, Great stuff.

I love this idea of attacking your problem. Yes, problems. I hate when so called abundance experts attempt to sugar coat it by saying we shouldn’t call it a problem, we should call it a challenge, situation, or even an opportunity. I don’t care what you call it but problems will come up. Yes, let me repeat, problems will come up.

It’s easy to have a situ
ation arise in your life and passively wait for it to pass by. I have been there and guess what, it never happens. I was talking to someone about being unemployment for 6 months. They stated that with the financial market like it is they are having troubles getting a job. I asked “How many jobs did they apply for? The answer – 2. This young adult was well meaning but now c’mon, applying for 2 jobs in 6 months is not even searching.

Instead of waiting around we must, I say MUST, attack problems with a vengeance.

If you have financial problem, attack your debts and live so frugally that people start thinking you’re applying for monkhood.

If your business is struggling, attack you’re marketing so heavily that people in your hometown think you’re running for Mayor too.

If your family life is suffering, attack it ~ the problem, not your spouse ~ by bestowing huge amounts of kindness on everyone in the house. Be the positive light on your family in the darkness. You’re intent will profoundly influence everyone.

If you have fears and worries, challenge these thoughts to a duel and do everything in your power to create a positive outcome.

You know, all the bad news on the TV in the last month or two started to affect me but I exploded out of this shell. I gained that Beginner’s Mind back to live completely in the moment. I am going to stand strong and guard the gates of my mind against this negativity.

I remain focused on what I am best at, changing my students lives through the Martial Arts. I have become evangelist in karate life skills. I am going to inspire as much well-being to my student and community by continuing to influence my student in generating leadership skills and performing community service projects.
With all of this bad news on TV, it’s so easy to focus inward on ourselves. I feel the best way for everyone to make it out on top is to focus outward on how we can contribute.

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Nazarina A said...

I listen to Dave Ramsey in the car. He takes a real interest in solving people's financial problems. This country would greatly benefit by having in the cabinet!!!

I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and the soaps of all things!!! A real macho sensei as yourself! I am quite honored!!!!

Sagan said...

I like this concept- much can be achieved by striking back!

MizFit said...

and for me life has become about losing the fears and worries just as you detail/he says.

in that they became my focus until I had the ah ha! moment of recognizing that it was an active way to PRAY FOR WHAT I DIDNT WANT.