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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Become the Palm Tree

I see a great period of change towards abundance and prosperity in our future that will replace the current scarcity mindset of the last few years.

I love watching Joel Osteen on Sundays. He’s such an inspirational speaker! I watch great speakers and look for points to improve my own presentation skills. I wish I had only part of Joel's ability to speak. Joel’s messages are always thoughts about living an abundant and prosperous lifestyle. It’s a terrific way for me to recharge for the week!

Last Sunday, he talked about “Being a Bounce Back Person.”

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He gave a great analogy of the palm tree. During a hurricane, the palm tree survives because it is so flexible. The Palm Tree is so flexible that it can bend virtually to the ground.

Once the storm passes, the palm tree bounce back up to it’s original position but with one difference… Because of the huge stress on the roots, the soil loosens giving the Palm Tree a chance to grow a stronger root system. Through the storm, the Palm Tree becomes stronger!

We must Become the Palm Tree. When times are tough, we become stronger. When the storm holds us down, we weather the storm and bounce back with a stronger foundation. If you become the palm tree, nothing can hold you back from enjoying prosperity.

Become the Palm Tree!

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1 comment:

Sagan said...

I like that analogy! Being flexible allows for so many options. It's good to learn how to bounce back up when the times get rough.