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Thursday, November 13, 2008

How can you generate the Pied Piper effect?

Over the last few weeks, we hosted events with large number of children. Our Halloween Party had over fifty kids!

I got many comments about how I am able to calm held this size of class. My wife said she was nervous when she saw how many children showed up for our events but she looked at me and said that I looked as cool and calm as I could be.

After a birthday party with over 20 people, a parent said I was like the Pied Piper. You know, I was not always like this. I remember only a few years ago, I thought a class of 10 was more than enough to handle. Over the years, I studied and practice expanding my span of influence to greater and greater numbers.

Becoming the Pied Piper with Children
  1. Remain cool – Children feed off the excitement and energy of the adults around them. If you show nervous, excitement, or agitation, kids will mirror this attitude. The cool you remain, the more control and influence you gain.
  2. Leverage your commands – I never talk over children. I wait until everyone is quite before speaking or giving instructions. The feeling is as if the next fun activity will begin once the students settle down.
  3. Reinforce Discipline – Most people mistake discipline for punishment. Discipline is merely responding properly to the situation. For children, it’s about knowing when it’s time for fun and when it’s time to be serious.
  4. Highlight Good Performance – Always keep an eye out for superior effort and performance. Make it known that you notice it. I try to provide feedback to each child at least 3 times every class.
  5. Make it Fun – The greatest reward to a child is having fun so have fun with them. Every once in a while, break out of your stoicism and laugh aloud.
Becoming the Pied Piper at work
  1. Remain Cool – Don’t instant overreact to every situation. Step back and gauge your response. Like with the children, keep your cool in tough situations. Everyone will respect and follow you because of your level headedness!
  2. Finish Important Things – Many people avoid important project in favor of all the urgent concerns. In fact, most people bow down to the tyranny of the urgent. The most successful people fight this tyranny to accomplish the important thing – to complete important projects.
  3. Cultivate Relationships – It’s easy to fire off e-mails and complete tasks all day but nothing will help you more than cultivating relationships with your co-workers - this includes bosses, subordinates, and peers.
  4. When E.F. Hutton speaks – If you are like me, you could finish this memorable slogan easily - "When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen". Become the E.F. Hutton at your job by always providing inspiring and positive messages about the direction of your work. You must market yourself in a positive way and toot your own horn without bragging.
  5. Live a Heroic Mission – Develop and live a heroic mission that will guide your work life. The heroic mission must go beyond your job description and your desire for a pay raise. A heroic mission needs to drive you – passionately – towards a greater goal of your organization and the people around you. What is your Heroic Mission?
Becoming the Pied Piper in Your Business
  1. Develop an Inspiring Message – Ask yourself, how are people benefiting from my service or product? How can you maximum the benefits to your customers?
  2. Change Lives – Provide your product or service with the intent to change lives in a positive manner. As a karate school owner, my intent is to see each student and their family’s lives to spiral upward – to make our karate classes life changing. When I retire, I want to look back on my career knowing that I positively changed thousands of student’s lives.
  3. Live a Heroic Mission – I love this idea of a heroic mission that’s why I am repeating it again. Nothing will generate more energy for a business owner then creating and keeping a Heroic Mission in mind. My heroic mission is to generate as many Black Belt Leaders into our community as I can.
  4. Make Deep Connections – Network with people and customers and constantly nurture the relationships with everyone. I use to have a very task oriented mindset – how much can I get done. I found that nurturing the relationships around you are the most valuable resource available to you. I love talking to students and parents about the wonderful things that karate provides and finding out how I can support and help people achieve their goals. Sometimes the support is as simple as genuinely listening.
  5. Get Help – I like to outsource most of the task-oriented activities of our school and systemize the activities that can not be outsourced. In my view, it’s better to hire a professional that will do the job ten times better than yourself. A number of professionals including an answer service, electricians, cleaning service, etc, support my school. I intend for all these services to free my time to focus on the above and to provide students with a better overall experience. Systemizing your business assist in providing constantly high level of service. I highly suggest all business owners read “The E-myth” by Michael Gerber.
Okay wow, that’s a lot to swallow. That’s five tips to becoming the Pied Piper in three areas – with children, at work, and in your business.

I wanted to see how the readers create that Pied Piper effect in your life or your job. So how do you create the Pied Piper effect?

Sensei Tim Rosanelli
Maximum Impact Karate
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