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Monday, November 17, 2008

Old Fashion Kettle Corn

I remember as a kid going to the Mercer Museum Folk Fest with my parents who were voluntaries for the Lion’s Club. At the folk fest, they had someone making kettle corn with a big cauldron. After the popcorn was done, they dump the cauldron of kettle corn into a canvas where they scoop it into popcorn containers. I love the salty sweetness of the kettle corn.

Well, I found a great do-at-home recipe.

1/4 cup Popcorn
1/4 cup Oil (vegetable or olive)
2 tablespoons Sugar

In a sauce pan big enough to hold all of the popped popcorn ~1 to 2 quarts, add popcorn and oil. Heat popcorn on high until first kernel pops. Remove from heat and add sugar. While shaking the sauce pan, continue to heat until the popcorn stops popping. Dump finished popcorn into bowl. Add salt to taste and serve.

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1 comment:

Sagan said...

Mmm, love popcorn! I've always liked classic popcorn with a bit of butter and salt- but a hint of sugar would be nice, too.