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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

17 Seconds of Pure Thought

I am not attracted to many new age ideas. Being schooled in science, (My degree is in environment science), metaphysical theories never resonated to my soul.

I saw this video that explains a theory by Abraham-Hick of 17 seconds of pure thought and gave it some thought.

Basically, they state that 17 seconds of pure thought are equivalent to 2,000 action hours and results in a Mini Miracle. If you can double this pure thought to 34 seconds, it’s equivalent to 20,000 action hours and results in a Medium Miracle. 51 seconds is equivalent to 200,000 action hours – generating a Large Miracle. If the pure thought is held for 68 seconds, it’s equivalent to 2,000,000 action hours – creating a Major Miracle.

Now, the scientific side of me instantly screams “NO WAY”, but with further examination, I think that it may be possible.

Think about it, 17 seconds is about the amount of time for a single deep breath. Meaning… that every moment, decision, thought, or breath is paramount to what we create in our lives.

So what is a pure thought?
I believe that a pure thought is a fundamental shift in our mindset or thinking. How many times have you had a thought or shift in your mindset suddenly changed the course of your life. This paradigm shift happens in an instant – in the time of a deep breath.

I have felt this shift many times. For example, in karate, I remember times where my coach taught me something or something suddenly clicked. Pow! Instantly, my technique changed - without additional practice, it just changed.

History is full of these examples. Think of the train ride that Einstein first thought of the theory of relativity. He stepped on the train one way and stepped off the train with the Theory of Relativity. Think of all, the countless invention and action hours saved through his theory.

Think of Henry Ford’s idea of building a car. The car has saved us enumerable amounts of time and labor. We never said that the action hours had to be ours? Did we?

So the obvious question is “Are we in control of our every breath?” By remaining conscience of our breathing, we control our actions and thoughts - bringing us closer in line with manifesting our positive desires.

Take a second to view the below video…

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