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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Hidden Cost of Over-competitiveness

Competition can test our skills and make us stronger, but when does competitiveness go too far. I am no stranger to being competitive – I loved to compete. When I was young, I was, in my estimation, over-competitive. So much so, that winning consumed me in everything I did. Activities lost their enjoyment. All that mattered was winning.

I justified my actions by saying that I was reaching my full potential. But at what cost? I found that people avoided me. I was a terrible team player because it was always blaming and critical of others if we lost. Oh yeah, and the judges and referees always needed glasses. You know, the worst judge of yourself is yourself.

I am no longer that person but looking back, I realize that my over-competitiveness had huge negative consequences on my success.


The level of success of the people around you determines your success. The hidden cost of over-competitiveness is that we tend to alienate the very people that will help our success.

In the book, Think and Grow Rich, they describe the mastermind effect as one of the success factors for the very rich. Working together with other like minded individuals will increase your success dramatically. I noticed that they did not mention that accumulating tons of awards, trophies, and degrees. These are great for the ego but not so great for your success. They do cite camaraderie and working with others as a team

Karate is a great way for you to get around success minded people just like you.

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