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Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to Writing Extremely Inspiring Blog Posts

I constantly receive compliments on how my blog post touched a reader in some way - whether it’s a delicious looking recipe, an interesting new workout, or insightful ideas that make you think. If you were one of the readers that took the time to e-mail a compliment, THANK YOU. Your encouraging notes energize my writing and keep me motivated to provide more material for you.

I had so readers request that I write a post on writing better blog posts. Your wish is my command. Here you have it, some tips for writing incredibly inspiring blog posts.

1) Provide Insanely Useful Information – The reason most people reading blogs is to get FREE INFORMATION. When you write your articles, think about how the information can be useful to them. Most people don’t want to read endlessly about your life, unless your experiences provide something to them. It could be pure entertainment, it could a how to, it could be a new tool, it could be an intriguing idea, or a great new recipe.

2) Write to Someone – Writing in a conversational tone is much more interesting to read then writing something that is technically write right. I act like I am writing to my biggest fan, my wife.

3) Develop an Emotional Driven Dialog – Nothing spices up a post like writing towards an emotion. You should purposefully attempt to arouse specific emotions from joy and peacefulness to controversial and outrage. Emotional driven content tends to light up the comments too.

4) Use Paragraphs – This may sound simple but I have seen my blogs where there is no paragraph breaks. No paragraphs make reading the post difficult.

5) Highlight the Short Story Version – I highlight the most important lines so if someone is quickly scanning the post, they get the short story version of the post. Did you know that the average reader scans your post and will read only the paragraph of interest? Highlighting important points tempt your readers to read deeper into the post.

6) Make it Visional – Vision elements like pictures or videos jazzes up the design of your blog. I use flickr for free pictures. If you take pictures of yourself and what you’re doing, it tells your story even better. Plus, it puts a face to the blog posts. I find myself attracted to blogs with lots of great pictures. To add a picture to your blog, find the picture location by Right Clicking the mouse on the picture. For Microsoft explorer, look under properties and copy the location. For Firefox, you click on copy image location.

7) Invite Readers to Comment – Everybody has an opinion. The best way to interact with readers is to ask open ended questions for them to comment on. The best blogs usually generate tons of reader’s comments and interesting discussions within the comments.

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