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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pound Your Message Home

Have you ever thought or said...

How many times do I have to repeat myself? Doesn't anyone do listen around here? Doesn't anyone do things the first time?

"Repetition is the Mother of Skill"
Anthony Robbins Lessons in Mastery

All of the most inspiration people that I've rubbed elbows with Pound Their Inspiring Message Home by repeating over and over again. ~like a mantra~

The power in the Martial Arts is not delivering a message to our students once - the magic in Martial Arts Leadership is delivery the same message a hundred times over the course of a few years.

Do you want your message heard by co-workers and at home? Pound your message home and repeat it at every opportunity.

Do you want better children? Keep them in karate and watch the difference that pounding the message home will make over the course of a few years in their lives.

Believe me, you won't regret it!

Sensei Tim Rosanelli
Maximum Impact Karate
(215) 249-3532

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1 comment:

Sagan said...

The power of repetition! It's a very useful rhetorical strategy in persuasion, too. (Just wrote an exam on that... mind is filled with rhetorical devices at the moment).