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Friday, December 5, 2008

Transforming the credible into the incredible

Imagine the difference two little letters can make by changing the word credible into incredible. Truthfully the difference between transforming ourselves from credible to incredible is about that small. One action, one thought, one slight change in our thinking can instantly transform us.

The examples are everywhere. In the Olympics, Michael Phelp’s won one race by a fingertip – the difference between Gold and Silver. Rosa Parks took one action on a bus to influence history forever. Let’s repeat that ONE ACTION CHANGE HISTORY FOREVER! Ben Franklin had one enlightened thought that lead to the discovery of electricity.

For you martial artist out there, think of the first day that your silhouette darkened the dojo door. Whether you did it for only 6 months or 30 years, I can guarantee that it had an indelible effect on you in a positive way – PERMANENTLY – FOREVER. Yes, how many things can you purchase once and feel the effects for a lifetime. The cars and other junk in our lives are merely temporary, but the memories, success and leadership skills, and the challenges that you overcame are branding on us permanently for a lifetime.

You walk, you talk, and you think differently from the rest. Yes, you are incredible!

Take that one action, have that one thought, and make that one positive change that will put the “in” in front of your credible and transform it permanently to incredible.

Sensei Tim Rosanelli
Maximum Impact Karate
(215) 249-3532

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