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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Food Stamp Challenge 2009 - Rules

This year, I am performing a Food Stamp Challenge of five days, February 16th thru 20th. The idea is to eat and shop for five days as if you are living on food stamps. Currently, that $5.87 per person per day or $29.35 each for the five days.

I am inviting all readers to join me on this challenge and already have a number of people that already are joining me. If you want to join me, please comment below.

I am wondering...

Will I be able to feed myself with more than Mac & Cheese?

What compromises will I need to make? Considering that I currently eat a high protein diet and whole grain breads.

Will I be able to provide much variety or will I need to eat the same thing all week?

Okay, I had questions about the rules.

Rules for the February 2009 Food Stamp Challenge
  1. Maximum per person is $5.87 per person per day. For me, there is three of us so we can spend a total of $88.05 for the five days. Your shopping is on per tax dollars so your daily allotment does not include the sales tax since use of food stamps are not subject to sales tax.
  2. Salt and pepper are considered in your house so you can use these without adding them to the total bill. All other spices, condiment, and cooking oils, if you already have them in your pantry, do not need to be purchased again but you need to add an estimate of their cost to your total budget.
  3. The budget does not include items like paper products, cleaning supplies, medications, and non-food items that are not covered by food stamps.
  4. You can eat free food from work and business functions like free donuts and coffee in the lunch room, business luncheons, etc. or free tasting at grocery stores, family functions, etc.
  5. If you eat out, the check plus tip needs to be subtracted from your budget.
Who is willing to take the challenge?

This challenge is really an exercise of empathy - to live in some else's shoes. I hope to leave this challenge with a better understanding of people in need and to be more thankful for our currently standard of living.

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