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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Food Stamp Challenge

One of our students, Gwen, gave me a great idea for a challenge ~she knows I love a challenge~. I wanted to explain it to everyone and see if anyone is interested in joining me. It is a tremendous empathy opportunity.

It's the Food Stamp Challenge.

I plan to eat for 5 days in February as if I was on food stamps. That equals about $5.87 allowance for food per day or $29.35 for the five day. Since Food stamp purchases aren't taxed, this will be based on pre-tax dollars. If you are feeding a family, multiple the allowance per the number of family members.

For this challenge, I plan to eat more than just Mac & Cheese. The key I believe will entail cooking basic ingredients from scratch and get really creative to stretch the budget.

Is anyone up for the challenge? Hey, what do you got to lose? At least, you'll save a ton of money for 5 days.

More details coming soon...

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gizmogirl said...

I'm in, Tim. I'll watch for your details to be posted! Do you know which week in February you'll be doing it?

Imee said...

i think my aunt would be! she's very frugal and i'm pretty sure she wont mind taking the challenge as long as she and her husband get the nutrition they need. ;p

Gwen said...

now I wonder, Does this mean that all food you have prior to the challenge is off limits? because that might be a head-up over someone who really does only have the food stamps to rely on. Just want to get a base line on how you're going to do this so I can follow suit :)