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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goal Setting for 2009

Every year over the holidays, I spend time to set and write my goals. I must say that my goals are significantly different this year than former years. My goals shifted towards a more spiritual base - from an "I" to a "we" focus. For example, I want to impact thousands of families throughout the community.

In the blog, I want to provide you with the tools and process I use to brainstorm goals in easy steps. I use the Franklin Covey tools.

First, create a mission statement. Your mission statement helps you focus on the important thing in your life so that you're goals reflect your mission. The Franklin Covey website has a great mission builder.

Second, write your goals
. I stick with 3 to 5 goals for the year - one for each important area. The Franklin Covey site provides a sample planner. Pages 37 through 40 has a great tool for refining your values, roles, and mission. After finishing the exercises on pages 37-40, then start writing your goals using the template on page 41.

Third, follow a monthly master task list. On page 5 of the sample planner shows the master task list. Every month, I spend time writing monthly tasks. But... here's the important part... Make sure that the monthly tasks are in line with the steps in your goals.

Fourth, Monday of every week write a To Do List. On this checklist, rate each task with an A, B, or C by how important it is to reach your goals - A being the most important and C being the least important.

Finally, use self-instruction cards. Self-instruction Cards are business card size with written positive affirmations that you repeat daily. For example, if you want to eat healthier, the self-instruction may be "I eat foods consist with a healthy and well balanced diet".

I followed this system all of last year and it held me accountable throughout.

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