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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Positive energy is more POWERFUL, but hard to maintain

I finished a book called Power vs. Force. It’s a very interesting read. I am not sure about the whole calibration thing, but there are some universe truths that are undeniable.

One very significant point made in the book…

Positive energy is logarithmically more powerful than negative energy.

Have you every got around someone extremely positive? They instantly transform your energy to the positive.

So why doesn’t everyone stay in a positive state of mind? I’ve give this a lot of thought and here’s how we should change the statement above...

Positive energy is logarithmically more powerful but harder to maintain than negative energy.

That’s right! Negative thoughts and experience are just plain easier. The good news is that just a few positive thoughts and experiences in the day can far outweigh all the negative thoughts because they are so powerful.

Since this realization, I have engaged in huge amounts of positive self-talk through the day. I found that these self-talk sessions are so powerful that it has a lasting effect. I see the difference in my teaching and the effect it has on the people around me. I am better able to shield myself from negativity rubbing off on me.

Do you want to change your life? Find a time to give yourself a positive pep talk. I also noticed that these positive self-talk sessions are more powerful if I do them while exercising and in the morning.

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