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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Supercharge Your Life

The last few weeks, I've been supercharging my life for the new year and the lives of my students.

Here's some important steps for supercharging your life and turning those New Years Resolutions into goals.
  • Exercise - Exercise is the most basic ingredient to success. As the saying goes, "It gets the blood flowing". Yes, it does. It gets the blood flowing to the brain and releases hormones that create positive feeling and relieves stress. Exercise alone can solve many subtle problems we suffer from daily - low energy, fatigue, trouble sleeping, poor attitudes, etc.
  • Make a Target - For a thought to go from a dream to goal, we need to be very specific about the target. Create a bulls eye for your goals by really defining what the bulls eye is for you.
  • Keep score - When I set goals for my students, we always talk about keeping score. How do you know if you are win? By the score. I like to use the analogy of shoot a basketball. If I am playing by myself is totally different than if a friend challenges to a one-on-one match. When you keep score, the energy level goes up.
  • Set a date - Someday, last I checked, is not a day of the week. Give each step towards your goal a deadline. If your goals don't have a deadline, it's only a vague dream.
  • Work in your circle of influence - All goals have factors that you can't control - that are outside your circle of influence. If you want to increase your salary at work, you can control your work performance. You can support your department and company goals. You can increase your knowledge and education. But you do not control the economy and other vague circumstances. No matter what happens stay steadfast and work on what you can control. I guarantee you will eventually reap the benefits.
  • Identify the small steps - Remember the movie "Analyze This" with Billy Crystal telling Robert De Niro's mafia boss character to take baby steps. Sometimes our goals are so big that they are hard to swallow. By breaking a larger goal in baby steps, the larger goal suddenly becomes manageable. I like to break my baby steps into tasks that take less than 10 minutes. You'll find that once you overcome the inertia of that first step that the rest comes easy.
  • Find at accountability coach - On the path to success, it's so easy to talk yourself out of a goal. As humans, it's so easy to con ourselves and logically justify not going forward. Find someone that will hold you accountable to your goal and give frequent updates to them.
  • Setup an environment for success - You need an environment for success. If you are looking to lose weight, clean all of the junk food out of your house. If your effected by negative people in your life, find positive like-minded individuals to hang out with.
I expect 2009 to be my best year yet. With the advice above, you too will experience a tremendous years where all obstacles will fall at your feet.

Sensei Tim Rosanelli
Maximum Impact Karate
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