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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Food Stamp Challenge 2009 - Day 4 & 5

Here's the conclusion of my Food Stamp Challenge. On day 4, I wanted to my a hamburger vegetable soup but I needed a few extra ingredients. I went to the grocery store and spend an additional $6.58 leaving my total for the week at $43.15.

Day 4
Breakfast - Oatmeal made with milk
Mid Morning Snack - 8oz milk, banana
Lunch - Hamburger-Vegetable Soup
Mid Afternoon Snack - 8oz milk, banana
Dinner - Hamburger-Vegetable Soup
Nighttime Snack - Popcorn with butter which is popcorn cooked on the stove with oil and butter

Day 5 was basically a leftovers day. I had the soup for lunch and dinner.

I enjoyed taking this challenge so I decided to continue for a second week. For the second week, I am going to add to all of the accumulated ingredient from the first week. I will not give daily updates for the second week but will post how it went next Tuesday.

I was surprised that I actually ate very healthy because the money constraints made eating poorly not an option.

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