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Monday, March 23, 2009

Harrowing self defense situation this weekend

This weekend, while walking my dogs, we were attacked by two off leash German shepherds. This incident had all the aspects of a true self defense situation.

The two German shepherds ran quickly from behind a garage and attacked us. The one shepherd and grabbed my dog, held it down by the neck, and start to shake. It was definitely a red zone case where the dog was attempting to hurt or kill my dog.

So what did I do…
Basically, the Fast Defense training that I took almost three years ago came shining through. I used all of the steps for the fast defense training to thwart the attack. It’s strange that after all these years the training stuck with me and I successfully and effectively applied it in an adrenalized state of mind.

The whole time that the situation happened I could hear Debra Kipp’s voice coaching me through the situation (She coached me in some of the scenarios). I used a verbal self-defense yelling at the dog “Back off! Get off my dog!” I remember my trainers voice telling me to never go for the head because they will bite you so I kicked the dog in the hind quarters to get it off my dog. (Don’t worry the other dog was fine, the kick was more of a really firm shove.)

By this time, the owner ran out and was trying to corral the dog. I remember hearing the voices from the Fast Defense class yelling, “Stop, Look around, go get help.” I looked around for my Portal of Safety and headed out of the dog’s territory. I remember glancing back and the owner was still trying to grab the dog as I headed around the corner.

Amazingly, I got to my house and checked my dogs and myself out. Because of the decisive action, we got out of there without a scratch which was hard to believe considering how vicious the attack was.

I call the police to report the incident and found out that the same dogs attacked one of my neighbor’s dog. They said that because the owner got scared and froze. Her dog almost died and had $900 worth of vet bills.

This incident was a harrowing reminder the process that Fast Defense and we teach in class works.

Remember the three steps…
First - the Verbal Self-defense
Second - the Actual Confrontation
Third – Finding the Portal of Safety

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