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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One joy will scatter a hundred sorrows

We ate some Chinese Food the other day and my fortune cookie said “One joy will scatter a hundred sorrows”. In the book, called Power vs. Force, he talks about how positive attractors are hundred times strong than negative attractors.

This fact is simple and true…

One kind gesture to a stranger
One smile to a loved one
One laugh with a friend
One compliment to a co-worker
One friendly comment to a clerk

Each small thought and action flowers into something beautiful over time. I think that we have a tendency to minimize the true affect of small actions. In favor of believing that change involves big thoughts and actions from a tremendous number of people. When in fact, millions of speck of dust create mountains, and millions of grains of sand paint the coast line with a beach.

Each footprint of our lives ripples through all of eternity like the butterfly effect indelibly changing history. If you think of our lives in this way, what actions would you take that would be different.

How could you create a joy that will shatter the hundreds sorrows?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Omg i got the same fortune and i know wht it means ;( it makes so much sence cause i like someone and i had one fun moment with my friends and him and i see he likes another HOT girl :( and so many other disapointmeants too... O.O