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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to Basics

When we hit a slump or plateau in life ~they will happen~, one of the best ways to rise up and continue spiral upward is to get back to the basics.

Returning to the basics is so important because it helps re-build or change the foundation that we are build on. My teachers in the martial arts constantly talk about the importance of developing our basics and in classes, we worked the basics endlessly until it was automatic.

Five terrific ways that I use get Back to Basics
1. 1000 punches equals one punch - This is a concept that I learned from training that can be applied to our lives. My Sensei's taught me that whether it's the first punch or the 1000th punch, we must perform 1000th punch with the same energy and enthusiasm as the first punch. The idea is not to perform one perfect technique but to repeat that one perfect technique 1000 times. Any repetitive activity in your life or career try to maintain your enthusiasm every time.

2. Beginner's mind - The beginner's mind is seeing every as if you're a beginner. By seeing old activities as new again, you will gain a new perspective that will increase performance and stimulate new ideas. Using the beginner's mind is a fantastic way to get out of the deep ruts of habit.

3. Repetition is the mother of skill - This is an Anthony Robbins saying. Practice, practice, practice. Any skill takes tons of practice to master. Try to master every skill with practice and keep an eye on making each action more and more efficient.

4. Practice makes permanent - Perfect practice makes perfect. Remember, that with every action we are creating and ingraining habits, good or bad. Be mindful of cultivating good habits and strive for perfection at every moment and action.

5. Remain present and in the moment - The more you remain present and in the moment, the more you will be open for opportunities. Don't let opportunities slip you by and keep vigilant.

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