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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blossoming into your higher self

The main purpose of our lives is to grow and evolve to achieve our full potential. Flowers need sunlight, water, and nutrients to blossom. To blossom as a person, we need to educate ourselves, coaching from a mentor, and take action on our life design.

Answering the following three questions direct your life towards blossoming into your higher self.

What are you reading? - Reading is one of the best forms of education. Read the books that will advance you forward on your goals.

Who do you surround yourself with? - Your friends and family have a tremendous influence on your level of success. We achieve the level of success of the people we hang out with. If you are not achieving the level of success you want out of life, make friends with like-minded success oriented people. Our adult karate program is full of success minded people.

Do you get the coaching you need? - Most people "go it alone". They are afraid to look for proper coaching they need for success. A good coach can knock years off the typical learning curve and help us identify and conquer our self-limiting beliefs. A good karate program is like an exercise program with life-coaching.

Asking yourself and evaluate your answers in these three areas should help you start to blossom towards your higher self.

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Maximum Impact Karate
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