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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Environmental Friendly Oasis

Although my career is now a karate instructor, many of you may be surprised to know that I have a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science and worked in the field for many years.

I still have a huge interest in living an environmental friendly lifestyle. Today's post, I want to take you for a tour of some of the environmental friendly features that we added to our house.

The barrel on the right is a Cascata Rain Barrel - Terra Cotta for collecting rain run off from the roof of our house. This rain barrel collect enough to water all our gardens for about a week. We are thinking about getting a second one for another corner of the house so that we can collect enough to water our lawn too.

On the right, we planted grasses on either side of our air condition unit. The grass will grown high enough to shade the unit during the summer months and boost it's efficiency.

The above two pictures show our Earthmaker Aerobic Composter. We got this in the early spring and it's already producing high quality compost. We just throw grass clipping, yard waste, and kitchen waste in the top. After working the compost through the three chambers, it produces great compost like shown in the bottom picture. The soil looks exactly like potting soil or compost that you would purchase in the store.

This picture displays our 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower. I love this mower. Although it's more exercise to push, my push mower is cheaper to purchase, low maintenance, and no gas is required.

This tree, we purposefully planted at the corner of our house. Once it is full grown, this tree will provide shade on our house against the harsh afternoon sun.

We have two 4 X 4 Raised Garden Beds. These two gardens produce vegetables for us all summer long.

We planted six blueberry brushes and two cherry trees. We have tree different varieties of blueberries that bear fruit at different times so we will extend the season and not get too many berries at one time. The interesting thing about fruit trees is that they have pretty flowers at a fraction of the cost of ornamental trees

Here's a pot of herbs that we use during cooking.

Finally is a picture of our strawberry patch. Our family is fans of strawberries so we can never get enough.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of our environmental friendly oasis.

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Maximum Impact Karate
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1 comment:

Sandy Rev2B said...

I loved the tour and the talk about the composter. It makes me feel like gardening...almost.