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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reduce the Clutter (physical and mental) in our Lives

Recently, I noticed that after 5 years at our dojo that we collected some extra clutter. My shelves on the mat had equipment that don’t use anymore. Our closed was stacked full with old inventory like kickboxing glove for a kickboxing class we canceled over a year ago. We pulled all this stuff out and sold it in our dojo at yard sale prices. For me, it was quite liberating.

It seems this clutter sort of creeps up on you – so slowly you don’t notice until one day “Bam”, you open your eyes and can believe all the stuff you collected.

Our mental baggage is similar. We can get certain destructive thought patterns and self limiting beliefs that sneak into our psyche causing clutter in our minds, but we never clear out.

The first step to clearing this mental baggage is to first become aware of it. Here’s an exercise / challenge for you to do for one week. Wear a rubber band on your wrist. Each time you have a negative thought, snap the rubber band. This exercise will increase your self awareness and let you clear your mental clutter.

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