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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Sacred 5

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Today, I want to introduce you to a very powerful tool that I call The Sacred 5. This is how I organize my day around the most important tasks and keep myself on track during the week.

The Sacred 5 is your 5 most important tasks for the day. Each task represents the most important task for one of five areas of your life ~ Relationships, Career, Self-development, Finances, and Well-Being.

The objective is to do Whatever It Takes (WIT) to complete these five tasks during the day. Here’s how I work this system. At the beginning of each week, I brainstorm a To-Do list of tasks for the week. Then, I label the tasks into categories. After I label each task in one of the five areas above, I rate them, in order of importance according to which will produce the greatest results. On Monday, I create my list of 5 for the day with activities that will produce the most dramatic results in my life.

If you follow The Sacred 5 everyday during the workweek, Monday through Friday, that’s 25 extremely important tasks per week or 100 extremely important tasks per month.

Many times you will find that the activities that you avoid, i.e. that important project at work or home, are the most important task while most of us fill our days with the simple and easy but less important tasks. We mistake activity for accomplishment.

Quick note – If you find yourself avoiding a specific task for a couple day, I find it helps to break the task into small parts.

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