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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Motivation is an inside job

Yesterday, I woke up extremely unmotivated, but looking back on the day, it ended up been an extremely productive. It made me realize the motivation is an inside job. No amount of coaches, money, or bosses can motivate you 100% of the time. We need to become intrinsically motivated to more forward in our live.

So the question is how do you motivate yourself each day

There is many ways to motivate ourselves but I think there is some to Lao-tzu’s saying, “A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With The First Step.” For me, starting a project is harder than completing it. Starting to write this post is twice as hard finishing it. Walking out the door to go to karate takes more discipline than taking the class. Getting in the car and driving to the gym seems tremendously difficult compared to the workout. In fact, most of the time once I get the ball rolling, I actually thoroughly enjoy the activity.

The reason the first step is the hardest is because this is when the excuses happen. I learned along time ago that we can easily justify any excuse we want for not doing the high value activities in our lives. I believe this is why so many people spin their wheels in life ~ we give in and justify our excuses instead of fighting back against them.

We deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life and many times it's that first step that's holding us back from the life we deserve.

Let's take that first step today! And live the life of our dreams.

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