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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Walking a Tightrope

Sometimes life can feel like we’re walking a tightrope. We’ve all felt it.

But if you ask a seasoned tightrope walker what’s the secret, they would tell you to look straight ahead at your goal, not at your feet. You never look down. Where our head goes, our body follows so if you look down that is where you will most likely go. Keep your eyes fixed on where you want to go.

This concept is the same as our thoughts. Our body and actions tend to follow our mind and thoughts. Some people are always looking down, focusing on all the bad things in their life and the past wrongs against them. Wallowing in self-pity and finding people to blame. You can never fulfill your destiny with these thoughts and this energy level. Instead we need to rise above these past tragedies and wrong doings, keep your eye fixed on who you want to become and what great things you want to achieve. The key is to keep your eye on where you are going. You need to set BIG goals for yourself and to keep those goals in the forefront of your actions so that you can fulfill your true destiny.

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