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Friday, August 14, 2009

Circling around the right thoughts.

Much of developing success in life revolves around getting our mind on the right thoughts. By stimulating the correct positive thoughts, we propel ourselves into the right actions. These actions produce the right solutions. Many times, our thoughts get into a negative downward spiral that we allow to go unchecked.

As a manager for a corporation, I attended many meetings with upper management to talk about a specific problem or situation facing the business. These meeting were always unproductive and I noticed how most of them tended to circling on the same negative thoughts. Each manager constantly re-treading the negative and no one discussing a solution.

The secret is the circle around the right positive thoughts. I know you’re going to hate it at first, because we feel entitled to our negative thoughts, but our negative thoughts will only keep us where we are ~ hold us back and never take us where we are going.

Once you train your mind to circle on positive thoughts, we can start to offer positive solutions, turn our problems into opportunities, and take positive, proactive approach to our lives. The idea, you see, is to visualize the desire result and to keep our minds eye on it. Just like baseball, they tell you to “keep your eye on the ball.”

In life, we must keep our mind's eye on the results. On my vision board, I have the saying “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Think of all the inventions and discovers we’ve seen in our life time ~ cell phones, internet, cable and digital TV, etc., etc, etc. All of these inventions were once only a thought in someone’s mind.

I know that if you circle your mind on the right thoughts, visualize positive results, and keep our eye on the ball. You will see great things come to pass. You will push every dream into fruition. You will attract the people and situations into your life that will help you towards your life objectives. Your best days are still to come.

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