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Friday, August 7, 2009

Manifesting Positive Consequences in Our Lives

With every action and decision we make, consequences follow. Our results, positive or negative, are the exactly right according to the actions we take in our lives. This fact is hard to bear, because it’s easier to blame, point the finger, and claim life is unfair.

The way to succeed is to focus on positive actions that will create positive consequences. A perfect example is our karate school. Last fall, when the financial market collapse and the economy sunk, I could have got discouraged, threw up my hands, and said “Oh well, this economy will close our school.” I had the perfect excuse to fail – the economy. But I had a different vision… I believed that what we teach is way too important to fail and to give a whatever it takes (WIT) effort to ensure that we not only survived but thrived. I decided that the media will not decide what our karate school future holds and shut the news off.

Almost a year later, our dojo pulled through these tough times stronger and with more vitality. I knew that to survive we needed to become the best in every way. We set forth to improve the curriculum, the marketing, and the leadership skills we teach to provide true and tremendous value to every student we touch. Over the last year, we've got better in every way.

Here three great quotes that will help you produce positive consequences in your life.
When the going gets tough the tough gets going – As martial arts, we can't let minor setbacks sink the entire ship. Persistence is one of the fundamental keys to success. On the path to Black Belt, we are going to experience setbacks and there’s plenty of excuses that appear to be perfectly good reason to quit ~ just like the economy could have been an excuse for me to fail. But remember, these excuses are barriers to you becoming extremely successful.

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – This is a favorite Woody Allen saying of mine. In karate, 80% of becoming a black belt is coming to classes. Once you get to class, I guarantee that it’s going to make a life changing transformation in your life. Think of all the people that say they are going to do or try something, only to continue the same actions and habits day after day. Many times it’s just a matter of showing up to fulfill your destiny.

Begin with the end in mind – This Stephen Covey idea can manifest a huge transformation in your life. Decide what you want and map backwards to the actions that will create the positive consequences that you want. So many people never really decide and commit to what they want out of life. These people just flounder their way through life, but you are not like this. You have dreams that become goals and once they become goals, nothing can stop them from becoming reality.

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Maximum Impact Karate
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very inspirational. thank you.