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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Maximum Impact Karate’s Anthology Part 2~ Small Actions create Huge Results

This is the continuation of Maximum Impact Karate's Anthology giving a personal history of events leading up to our dojo's 5 year anniversary.

“When it comes to getting things done, we need fewer architects and more bricklayers.”
Colleen C. Barrett

Since I was a teenager, I’ve kept a journal with written goals. I’ve looked into the journal to retrace my steps…

According to my journal, the seeds of starting my own school started in 2000, when I took a job in Customer Service. At this time, I wrote about my desire to learn customer service skills because I felt they were lacking in the Martial Arts Schools and would add tremendous value when I started a school.

Starting a karate school appeared as a written goal on 8/5/03 ~ about a year before opening Maximum Impact Karate. The deadline for the goal was 9/1/08. Some events happened that forced me to move forward with my plans. That year, I spent reading and studying to educate myself on starting a business.

This time in my life, I had very little free time with a family, kids, working 60 hours per week, and teaching karate 2 nights per week at the Center Club in Lambertville. To write my business plan, I would use my work breaks and lunch to sit in my car to write. My goal relied on consist small actions in 15 minutes clips to reach my goal.

I learned that small consistent actions creates huge results. That we need to be the bricklayers in our lives to commit to some action.

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