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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maximum Impact Karate’s Anthology Part 4~ Asking the Right Questions

This is the continuation of Maximum Impact Karate's Anthology giving a personal history of events leading up to our dojo's 5 year anniversary.

After Ester sent me back to the drawing board, I begin to think about ways to make our new dream and reality without the huge price tags. I am a firm believer in asking the right questions. If you ask the right question, the answer arrives. Many times, we ask the wrong questions. If you ask “Why” question, you receive back self defeating answers.

We need to reframe the questions in our mind with “what”, “how”, and “where” to gain valuable insights. Instead of asking “Why don’t I have the money?”, ask yourself “Where or How can I get the money?” For us, the answer was a small business loan, tap into a 401K, etc. I am not a huge fan of debt and didn’t want to tap into our retirement so I changed the question.

The most expensive start-up cost was the commercial space rental. So the question became “Where can
we cheaply rent to start the karate program?” I wrote a list of all the places that may have space. Here’s a picture of that page in my journal.

At my lunch break at work, I called all of the places on my list. I received a callback from St. Luke’s United Church of Christ. It happens that as a teenager I worked for a church board member’s daughter and they knew my family well. They asked for me to speak to the church board on a July, 2 at 10 am.

I took off of work and told Ester that I had to meet with some people from the church. I went to the meeting and they gave us the space. I called Ester and surprised her with the great news. We both had the feeling of “Wow, is this really happening?”

For those of you that remember the church and reading carefully, you will notice that I said the St. Luke’s United Church of Christ and our first location was St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. No, this was not a type-O. After receiving the space, a few days later, I received a call from Sandy at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. I visited the space and was told on July 7 that we could use their auditorium for our karate program.

The area was much better so I called St. Luke’s United Church of Christ and thanked them for their consideration and accepted the offer to start at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church.

Next, we needed students...

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