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Monday, September 28, 2009

Maximum Impact Karate’s Anthology Part 6~ Day One

This is the continuation of Maximum Impact Karate's Anthology giving a personal history of events leading up to our dojo's 5 year anniversary.

The first day September 7, 2004 came quickly. For our first day, Ester set up a table to sign people up and I taught the classes in the gym.

Our first day was a great success, but totally chaotic. Ester’s job turned out to be the most difficult ~ trying to sign up 30 people at the same time, get the kids in a new uniform, and collect the first month’s tuition. We ran out of uniform.

In the classic movie Taxi Driver, Robert Di Niro’s character had a poster that said, "One of these days I'm gonna get organezized." Well, I spent the majority of the first year attempting to organezize the karate school.

The first year, Ester and I were confronted with a daunting number of decisions. Each decision could make or break our fragile school at this point. Between work and the school, I worked tireless to get organized and improve the school.

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Maximum Impact Karate
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