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Thursday, September 3, 2009

A terrific attitude makes us supernatural

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude”. Zig Ziglar

The dictionary defines attitude as “a way of thinking, acting, or feeling" while aptitude is “natural tendency or talent; ability.” We all have natural tendency but without a right attitude these talents will go to waste.

Our attitude makes us supernatural. Notice how if you breakdown the word supernatural, you can interrupt it as being extremely natural. Yes, being supernatural doesn’t mean being like a super hero with special powers. It’s more like coming to an extremely natural state of mind. Our attitude determines this more than aptitude.

Wealth people tend to have the right attitudes toward money. People with great relationships obtained a healthy attitude about friendship. Happily married people maintain a good attitude about their marriage. Healthy people think about their healthy with the correct attitude.

We are surrounded by supernatural people in all areas but fail to recognize it. These people tend to have supernaturally good attitudes towards a specific area.

Why is our attitude so important? Look at professional athletes. They are supernatural in their abilities, but if you look at the collegiate athletes, you would not see much of a different in their physical abilities. It’s all in the attitude and confidence level that defines them and pushes them into the professional level.

Do you want to become supernatural in some area? Try to change your attitude in that area. Change your internal dialogue to speak more supernaturally about that area of your life. Visualization the life that you are looking towards, not the life you got. Constant speak in positive terms about the area you wish to improve in.

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