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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Maximum Impact Karate’s Anthology Part 10~ Up to Five Years

This is the continuation of Maximum Impact Karate's Anthology giving a personal history of events leading up to our dojo's 5 year anniversary.

Fourth Year
Beginning of year four, I finished the Ultimate Black Belt Test and received my Fifth Degree Black Belt. After the test, I turned my focus towards our school.

At this time, two books hugely influenced my thinking “The E-myth” and “The Four Hour Workweek.” The E-myth influenced me to systematize everything in our school from the way we start new students to the curriculum. The Four Hour Workweek taught me to outsource everything that got in my way of teaching great classes but still maintain a high level of service – This philosophy lead me to many behind the scenes improvements like integrating my accounting with Quickbook, automatic marketing systems, and an answer service.

These improvements freed up huge blocks of time for me to work on further improvements. During this year, I started documenting my ideas regularly at this blog. I found that the act of writing helped further clarify my thinking and acted as my sounding board and career coach.

In walks Leadership…
In the spring of our Fourth Year, I wanted to get ideas and coaching that would push our program to the next level. I found the perfect match. An organization, National Association of Professional Martial Artists, began offer a coaching and masterminding program called the Peak Performers. I applied and got accepted into the program.

The Peak Performers helped me realize that the main purpose of our karate program is teaching leadership and success skills. Eureka! I recognized this was the next step to thrust our school to the next level. I brainstormed on the idea and quickly started organizing our school towards this new vision.

About this time, I began receiving random calls and e-mails asking for advice from other karate schools. I didn’t know that the year I spent systematizing the school was usual and that most of these school owners were very unorganized. To this day, I still help many schools by providing some of the tools I created to them.

Fifth Year
By the fifth year, the economy hit a total meltdown. People ask me all the time about how it affected me and our school.

Here’s my story…
I was almost oblivious to it, because in September 2008, our son was diagnosed with cancer. We spent most of our time worrying and assisting him through the two surgeries that the economy really seemed insignificant. Thank god, that our son’s treatment was a tremendous success and he’s been cancer-free for six months now.

The poor economy did hit the other school owners hard. Four karate schools in the immediate area closed leaving us almost alone. With the lack of other schools, we ended up having one of our best years with our highest student count ever.

Thank you to all my students that make our school great!

Sensei Tim Rosanelli
Maximum Impact Karate
(215) 249-3532

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