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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quick Tip for your 2010 goals

For years, I have written goals. It's inspired great success in my life. Here's an interesting thought.

Most life coaches and motivational speakers will tell you to think big ~ create stretch goals. I think it's important to dream and think big, but if we create stretch goals, it's easy to get discouraged and quit.

I like leaving more lead-way in my goals. Most people write one measure of success like "I lose 10lbs. in the next 12 weeks." I write goals with three measures of success - Moderate Success, Good Success, and Tremendous Success.

Moderate Success - requires just a little effort to achieve.
Good Success - requires regular and consistent effort.
Tremendous Success - This is the stretch goal that requires an all out effort.

For example, in our weight loss example, "I lose weight in the next 12 weeks." Moderate Success = 5lbs, Good Success = 10lbs, Tremendous Success = 15lbs.

After almost 20 years of using this method, I find that easily achieving the moderate success helps drive you towards the good success which motivates you towards the tremendous success.

Even if you only achieve the moderate success, you walk away feeling good and that you've achieved something.

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