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Friday, January 22, 2010

Visionary Business ~ An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success

Visionary Business was a great book for anyone interested in starting a business. Although much of the information about starting a business is routine advice that you hear, the fact that it’s written more as a story makes reading it much easier and less boring then reading a regular business book.

The aspect that I really enjoyed was the fact that Marc Allen talks about the more ethical maybe even spiritual side of business ownership. In other words, always look towards adding value to people’s lives though your product and service. You should strive to excel in giving superior service. If you do this, the customer will come.

In his chapter called Practice Your Own Form of Magic, he relates a great and simple exercise that everyone should do. First, draw a five point star on a piece of paper. At the top point write God’s Will or the Universe’s Will or any similar phrase. At the point of the remaining four points write your top four goals, desires, or dreams. Then, review this star periodically.

I found the God’s Will Star totally new and a great, visional way to boil your important goals to one simple star. Awesome!

Enjoy the read!

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