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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Living a Year like a Karate Master

I read an inspirational book by Ed Dobson called The Year of Living like Jesus. I thought it was a great idea for self-discovery. It was such an interesting idea that I thought I would do something similar ~ to live a year like a karate master… Similar to Master Funakoshi, Master Itsou, and Master Matsumura.

I finished another book called Shotokan's Secret that got my creative juices flowing even further. Although I would never call myself a karate master, I feel that I could glean many valuable life lessons and insights about myself, karate, and the thoughts of the old masters by attempting to live the way they did... sort of getting into their mind.

In order to emulate their lifestyle, I decided on some rules that I will call daily habits to get me started. As I continue, I may add additional habits as I see needed.

Habit #1 – I’ll spend 5 minute per day in prayer or meditation.

Habit #2 – I’ll perform 100 strikes and kicks per day preferably into makiwara or heavy bag
or… 200 Strikes with staff or sword.

Habit #3 – I’ll perform all advanced kata once per day. Shotokan has 20 Advanced kata.

Habit #4 – Sunday will be a break from the physical training and mental training will be pursued on this day. I will spend time reading and studying on Sundays.

Habit #5 – I’ll eat 5 to 6 small meals per day and avoid overeating at any single meal.

Habit #6 – Once a month, I’ll engage in some sort of outside training.

Habit #7 – I’ll maintain a training regiment of 3 days of cardiovascular exercise and 3 days of strength training.

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