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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Secret Word ~ Discipline

In starting, my year living like a karate master. I've kept up with the training requirements for over two weeks now.

I asked my adult black belts, "If you were going to live like a karate master, what would that require?" Stan Broskey piped in instantly, "Discipline." The word reverberated through the dojo as if attempting to shake down the walls.

Ah yes, the good old word discipline. Looking at the world we live in, I am quickly realizing that this quest to live a year like a ancient karate master requires more discipline then even the ancient masters needed.

Why? Well, think about it...

We have so many more distractions in our lives - cars, TVs, cell phones, internet, facebook, etc., etc., etc. The list goes on and on. The ancient karate masters like Master Funakoshi didn't need to worry about these distractions because they lived in poverty and these other things were not available. Their way of life that we respect so much was forced upon them by circumstance.

On the other hand, my year is going to require tremendous discipline to cut through all the distractions. To keep up with my quest, I already needed to make some sacrifices like cutting out TV and some computer time. I guess time management will be key.

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