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Monday, March 15, 2010

Live like a Karate Master - Our Soft Lifestyle

A Blizzard came though Pennsylvania a few weeks ago and dumped over 20" of snow. During this time, on top of 100 strikes with the sword and kata training that I'm required to do, I shoveled the 20" of snow.

The hard labor combined with the training remind me of the hardships and difficulties the ancient masters endured and the commitment it required for them to continue to train in karate despite it. They typically did conditioning trained in the morning, performed hard labor all day, and practiced kata at night.

It made me reflect on the comparably soft lifestyle we live. Most of our lifestyle require us to get up and sit on the way to work...sit at work... And to go home only to sit again. Our sedentary life has made soft from inactivity.

The karate masters of old had a life that was more difficult and trying. Could these trials and tribulations create the longevity that they enjoyed?

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