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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Live like a Karate Master - Funakoshi's Way of Life

I thought on my path to live a year like a ancient karate master that I should re-read Funakoshi’s self biography called Karate-Do: My Way of Life ~ just to make sure I wasn’t missing something important.

In the book, he talks about taking responsibility for himself and refusing to let others do everyday chores for him, including his wife like making his bed and cleaning. In the morning he meditated and practiced kata. I decided that meditating in the morning and practicing kata right before classes worked best for me.

On the lighter side, Master Funakoshi admits taking nap at noontime ~ I guess naps are in my future. HaHa! Funakoshi also spent time for artistic endeavors in the afternoon ~ calligraphy.

As for eating, he mentions eating sparsely and enjoy vegetables along with some meats & fish, but no real restrictions. For me, I am assuming that junk food would be difficult to find in his era so I am severely cutout sweets.

Funakoshi put a serious emphasis on the importance of walking. He walked 2 ½ miles each way to his teaching job every day for 30 years. I decided to add walking to my daily habits. My dojo is one mile from my home and I will make a conscious effort to walk there. Also, I walk my dogs daily an additional mile or two. The conditions for walking are much harsher in Pennsylvania with cold, snow, and ice in the winter compared to Okinawa’s semi-topical climate with winter temperatures averaging 58 and high humidity which is similar to Pennsylvania summers.

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