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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Funakoshi Throwing Technique - Komanage

Click here to see video

Here's a demonstration of a new technique that we've started practicing in class called Komange. We attempted to slow the technique down so that you pick it up which made it look a little choppy in the video, but try to perform it more smoothly and let it flow.

Komanage or spinning top is from Funakoshi's Master Text, Karate-do Kyohan in the Throwing Technique or Nage Waza section. Most modern karate practitioners don't realize that throwing techniques were part of the old karate curriculum.

Komanage is an effective self-defense technique that can also handle a number of other self-defense situation like single hand lapel grab, cross wrist grab, overhead knife attack, overhead club attack, and a single or double hand push. With practice, these applications will become obvious.

Because of it's effectiveness in handling so many different acts of violence, Komanage is a extremely important technique to learn and understand for ever karate student.

Komanage is also an effective counter move for an attacker struggling against Tsubamegaeshi or V-turning Swallow.

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Steven O'Nan said...

I've been reading your blog for some time. Your writings have been quite inspirational.

Very nice throw, we use a similar throw in our system. I agree, many modern practitioners of old arts are unaware of the depth of the art they are studying. Many of the techniques are in the forms (kata) but go unrecognized.

Tim Rosanelli said...

Thanks Steve for your comment. That's the exact reason I thought this technique is so interesting. You see it in almost in every style.