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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Do a Kip-up

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Did you ever watch a karate movie and the karate master gets knocked down to the ground? Split seconds later... they spring back on their feet like Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee. This is called a kip-up. Anyone can learn this karate trick with a little practice. Where it lacks in practicality, you'll impress your friends with it's coolness.

1. Lay on back
2. Roll back on your shoulders and tuck your knees into your chest like a ball. While rolling back place your hands next to your ears with fingertips pointing towards your toes.
3. Keep rolling back until your feet are pointing up in the air.
4. Kick hard in an upward direction.
5. Finally, whip your leg downward to the floor. This causes your upper body to magically snap into an upward position.

Bonus tip: To practice this move, you can perform the rollback and kick upwards and finish with a bridge. The kick up into a bridge is a great way to practice for the really thing.

With a spotter: You can also practice with a spotter. The spotter kneels in front of your head with each hand under your shoulder blades. The spotter lift up on your shoulders once you kick upwards. It takes only a little effort by the spotter to get you on your feet.

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