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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sensory Awareness and Relaxation Programming Drill

Learning to relax and becoming fully aware of your surrounding is a skill that will increase your performance in every area. As stress level increases, we tend to lose awareness and tunnel vision occurs.

Practice the following drill will dramatically increase your focus and awareness level. I found this programming is one of the best relaxation techniques and meditations.

Find a place you can sit or stand without being disturbed. First, work on your sense of vision. Choose an object to focus on. Using your wide angle vision, notice everything in your field of vision. Observe every detail including movement, textures, shapes, colors of every object. Close your eyes and visualize the scene. Open your eyes and do it again.

Next, work on your sense of hearing. Expand your hearing and listen to all the sounds. Try to perceive as many tones as you can even distant, soft, or faint tones. Extent your hearing like a limb and search out every sound. Listen for sounds to your left then your right, front, and finally behind you.

Now, work on your sense of touch. Feel the breeze of the wind against your skin. Notice the temperature and humidity level. Feel your clothes touching your skin. Observe your level of tension or relaxation in each muscle. Feel your heart beat in your chest and the pulse in your wrist and neck.

Finally, focus on your sense of smell. Try to identify different smells. Describe each one of them to yourself.

After practiced each sense individually, now work on all the senses together. When you do, see all your senses as projectable extensions reaching out around you.

Sensei Tim Rosanelli
Maximum Impact Karate
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