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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Iaido Challenge - Ippon Me Mae Repetition #130

The above video is an update on my 1000 rep Iaido challenge.

Since the last video, I've added a hundred more reps.

The following video shows a comparison of rep 30 against rep 130.

I made some improvements to my technique.
1. At the sword drawing, I am on the balls of my feet
2. For the Blood shake, I am bringing the blade out to the side
3. 5 reps after filming, I started to hear the whistle of the blade cutting the air. I thought that was awesome because I thought the Iaido videos I watched dubbed in that noise to make it look better.

1. Finish of the downward stroke needs to improve
2. I am still a little tentative on resheathing of the sword

I got some great comments on the last video.
Proton1 -- brought up the point that without a teacher capturing the feeling of the finer, subtler attitudes and points of Iaido is impossible. I have to agree. In fact, I see improves in the techniques but I am struggling to project the proper feelings and attitudes.

NicostormUK -- Left a great comment that it would be difficult for an Iaido practitioner to learn my style of shotokan without proper instruction and vice versa. When I began this challenge, I thought that since I studied a Japanese Style that many of the skills and attitudes were transferable. I can tell you now that the skills are not transferable and each Martial Art requires good instruction to obtain these feelings.

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