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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Kanku Dai Bunkai - Double Leg Sweep from Bubi...

Bubishi: The Classic Manual of CombatTo watch the video:

The four knife hand blocks sequence of techniques show up in many Shotokan kata for example, Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Kanku Dai, and Sochin. The appearance of this sequence of moves in so many kata means that it has an important application.

The Bubishi is a manual that was handed down and copied by hand from master to student. In this manual, we find 48 figures or drawings of self-defense scenarios.

This video demonstrates the bunkai found on Figure #31 of the bubishi called Going to the Fight with One Knife or more commonly known as Double Leg Sweep.

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