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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to Throw a Ninja Star or Shuriken

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How to Throw a Ninja Star or Shuriken

This is a class demonstrates how to throw Ninja Stars or Shuriken. Learn how to throw Shuriken and you'll impress all your friends.

You will need three things to learn how-to throw knives.
Ninja Stars
A Target
Adherence to rules of safety

Warning: Ninja Stars are dangerous to throw. Throw at your own risk and they should never be thrown at others.

There's different types of Ninja Stars. This is a six point one and a four point one called a moon star.

Shuriken were not only used as a weapon, but ninjas also used them as distraction tools. When you throw them into the target it's not so important to make them stick into the target. The ninjas would throw them at Samurai's mask or eyes so they would have to dodge them to give the ninja a chance to use their own sword or other weapons to finish them off.

The Grip
We use a pinch grip. Pinch one of the points between your thumb and index finger. Your thumb should line up with the point on the star.

The Throw
With the throw, bring the shuriken to the side of your head and point your elbow at the target. Unlike a baseball throw that goes across your body, the star throw goes straight down and extends out to the target like your pointing at where you want to throw. The body rocks forward with the throw.

Thanks for watching How To Throw Shuriken!

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