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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Heian Nidan Bunkai - Rotational Defense with Standing Guillotine Follow-up

This is bunkai for a technique that you see in Heian Nidan and Kanku Dai. It's the side snap kick and back fist strike.

Part 1 - Rotational Defense
The self defense technique is called rotational defense against a front choke. You circle the right hand counter clockwise and bring into the side in your cup and saucer position. Then, you follow it up with an elbow strike.

Part 2 - Standing Guillotine Follow-up
Any demonstrations of rotational defense finish with you kneeing and elbow striking the opponent into submission, but this ignores a very likely scenario where the attacker closes the gap with a clinch or a double leg takedown.

In the clinch situation, a standing guillotine is exactly what the doctor (or, in this case, self-defense expert) ordered.

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