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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Heian Nidan, Kanku Dai Bunkai - Pressing Block Spearhead Strike Bubishi #13

Our lesson today is Bunkai from Heian Nidan. We are going to demonstrate the bunkai for the pressing block spearhead.

But first...

To understand this technique, we need to understand that Funakoshi and other karate masters attempted to hide the true application for this move.

The Legend of the Spearhead Strike
The legend of the spearhead strike is that you need to train your hands for many years to be able to pierce through an opponent skin with your bare hands. Training the hands consisted of thrusting your hands into progressively more difficult materials up to sand.

The legend was perpetuated but karate masters to create an air of mystery and to keep the real application secret so that students would not attempt it on others.

The Real Application
So, let's talk about the real technique. In Funakoshi's book, Karate Jiu Jitsu, he demonstrates it as one of the throwing techniques called Pressing the Throat.

Another reference to this move appears in the Bubishi. This book was handed down and hand copied from Master to Student in secret for many years. The Bubishi shows the Pressing Block Spearhead Strike as Figure #13.

Making the Pressing Block Spearhead Effective
Bubishi: The Classic Manual of CombatTwo things are required to make the Pressing Block Spearhead Strike an effective technique.
1. The thrust is at the throat level. Funakoshi demonstrates it this way in the 1st edition of his book but not in the 2nd edition that most people have.
2. The thumb needs to be out like a trigger instead of tucked in.

The spearhead strike is a thrust and grab of the throat. After the strike is performed, we rotate to make the move a takedown.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am the translator/"author" of the English edition of the Bubishi you're displaying; I like the way that you've produced your video lessons and wonder if you'd teach me how you've accomplished this? My e-mail is

Thank you

Patrick McCarthy
9th Dan Hanshi

Tim Rosanelli said...

McCarthy Shihan,
It's such an honor to have you commenting on my blog. I am a huge fan of your work. I attended your seminar, many years ago at Sal Lopresti's dojo, that provided the missing link in my kata training and made me go on a mission to research further. I have four copies/ 2 different editions of your translation of the Bubishi. I constantly refer and promote your book on this blog.

Anonymous said...

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