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Friday, September 23, 2011

Blitzing for Ippon Kumite / Sparring - Tap, Trap, Punch, and Roll

I have a great drill for you today. I had a request online for more Kumite / sparring drills.

While I warm-up my class with some pad work, I want to explain the concept of a blitz. The blitz is basically a technique that you rush in to score a point by overwhelming your opponent with a fury of attacks.

This one is the Tap, Trap, Punch, and Roll. I love this particular combo because I scored a point with it at the 1998 JKA World Championship in Bern, Switzerland when I was on the US team.

The cool thing about teaching karate is many of the techniques that I teach have some history to them.

If you want to take your sparring game to the next level, work toward mastering this battle-tested technique.

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