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Monday, November 7, 2011

Bill Kipp Explaining Why FAST Defense is so Effective as Bully Defense f...

I really want to thank you for trusting us with your absolute most prized possession. Also, I want to recognize that it can be a difficult journey watching your child go through these scenarios ~ it can be an emotional ride.

The beautiful thing is that we're not focusing on the problem but on the solution. There's some really powerful solutions here.

Three reasons why Fast Defense works and voted the best self-defense training in the Martial Arts by Black Belt Magazine?
1. We need to address the brain. We need to give these kids age appropriate, very simple, problem solving skills so god-forbid something happens, they have skills to draw on.
2. We need to address the body. They need to physically do the scenarios, watching a video or lecture is not enough to learn the skills required to be effective in a real situation.
3. We need to address the emotions. When we get into a hot spot, we tend to respond emotional, instead of rationally. When we get adrenalized, we go into hyper-drive, survival mode where our brain switches to our lower brain function or reptilian brain.

This reptilian brain responds emotional, not rationally. So what we are doing is through these playful drills is getting them into that part of the brain and conditioning positive action mode. If they ever experience a situation, they have skills to draw on positively.

So far, we have had four children take our program have successfully avoided real life abductions. How can you possibly put a price on that?

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