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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Throw a Knife Revisited - Short Version

Some viewers asked about the good throwing knifes in the video. Here's the link to the two good ones.

How to throw a knife revisited

This is a short version tutorial on how to throw knives. This is a class demonstrates how to throw knives for beginners. Learn how to throw knives and you'll impress all your friends.

You will need three things to learn how-to throw knives.
Throwing knives
A Target
Adherence to rules of safety

Warning: Knives are dangerous to throw. Throw at your own risk and they should never be thrown at others.

Types of throwing knives
Throwing knives should not be sharp on the edge. The point of the knife and the weight determines the best quality throwing knives.

The Grip
There are many different types of grips like the hammer grip and pinch grip. In this video, we use a pinch grip. Pinch the blade between your thumb and index finger. Your thumb should line up with the spine of the blade.

The Throw
With the throw, bring the blade up to the side of your head and point your elbow at the target. Unlike a baseball throw that goes across your body, the knife throw goes straight down and extends out to the target like your pointing at where you want to throw. The body rocks forward with the throw.

The Distance
The proper distance is important for a proper spin knife throw. The 7' range is a ½ spin to the target and the knife is gripped by the blade. At the 11' range, the knife spins one full revolution to the target and it's gripped by the handle. At the 15' range, the knife turn 1 ½ times to the target and it's gripped by the blade.

Making adjustments
Where you stand is very important to getting the knife to stick in the target straight. Minor adjustment to your position will be necessary depending on the throw. At the line, make your first throw. If the knife over-rotates or sticks into the target with the handle tilted upwards, inch forward in your stance and throw again. If the knife under-rotates or sticks into the target with the handle tilted downwards, inch back in your stance and throw again.

Remember that consistency of the grip and throw are a necessity to hit the target accurately. Keep practicing until you become adept at hitting your target.

Thanks for watching How To Throw Knives!

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